The School for Human Rights English Department goal is to ensure that our scholars understand their world, culture and themselves, and to help them to articulate their thoughts clearly, both orally and in writing. Students at every grade level should expect to read literature that will challenge and engage them, to listen to and participate in class discussions and activities that will deepen their understanding of the texts, and to complete assignments designed to improve their writing and argumentative skills and provide new insights into the works and topics they address over the four year sequence


All scholars should expect to read culturally responsive literature that represents a variety of cultures, voices, and countries, and will be exposed to a wide range of literary genres, including novels, nonfiction, poems, plays and short stories. Students will learn to analyze and discuss basic literary elements, such as plot, setting, character, mood, dialogue, theme and subtext.


Diploma Requirements:

Students take four years (8 credits) of English courses to graduate with a Regents Diploma.



English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

AP English Composition

AP English Literature

American Literature

World Literature

College Writing