The Music Program successfully brings together students with both little to no background in music and student musicians with experience.  The Music program goal is to provide all students with collaborative and diverse music, supporting students in achieving their highest potential in the study and performance of music opportunity to study rudiments of theory, rhythmic principles, sight reading, and performing piano music.   The goal of the program us to develop all students' abilities to perform a range of contemporary and non-contemporary tunes by the end of the course. Ultimately, our students’ will also be able to broaden their knowledge of music and become capable of expanding their study into different genres upon completing the course.

To fulfill state requirements students are offered a one-year piano keyboard class.

· B. Course topics

· The staff, treble clef, bass clef

· Whole-half-quarter notes, measures, bar lines, time signatures

· The grand staff, ledger lines, whole-half-quarter rests

· 2/4- and 3/4-time signature, dotted half notes

· Ties, slurs, repeat signs, first and second endings

· Eighth notes, eighth rest, dotted quarter note

· Flat, sharp, natural

· Whole steps, half steps, chromatic scale

· Major scales

· Circle of fifths

· Minor scales

· Intervals

· Critical viewing of performances

· Cultural events

Canva - Gray Scale Photography of Acoust
Canva - Black and White Electronic Keybo

Band Class

· Students may enroll in band class while in piano keyboard class, upon completion of the keyboard class or as a substitute for the piano keyboard class with department approval.

· The School for Human Rights Band repertoire consists of contemporary music that is selected collectively by the students.

· Instruments are based on availability

· The School for Human Rights Band is divided into the following sections.

· Accommodations for students that play instruments not included can be made.

Band Sections

  •  Vocals

  • Keyboard

  • Percussion

  • Electric Bass

  • Upper and Lower Strings, (violin, viola, cello)

  • Upper and Lower Brass, (trumpet, trombone)